Broken Doll ♪
Trop de temps a passé depuis la dernière chanson que j'ai enregistrée... Cette fois-ci, il s'agit d'une collaboration avec Mina, ma fille (:

"Broken Doll" - calirezo & Mina

BrokenDoll-540px calirezo: lyrics - vocals
Mina Pêcheux: music - instruments - mix


Baby girl is running on the grass
Singing louder under a dark sky
Baby girl is dancing with a doll
Crying beside an old cherry tree

Little girl is lying on the grass
Sleeping deeper and deeper
Little girl with the doll on her chest
Dreaming beneath the drizzle

Sweet doll, you know my secret
You never dropped me... but
You never helped me... but
I'll always keep you in my heart

Pretty girl you'll never run fast enough
To leave the grey clouds
Pretty girl you'll never climb high enough
To fly away and kiss the sky

Sweet doll, you broke yourself
When you let me down... but
I never blamed you... but
You never spoke since you forgot to cry

You just forgot to cry.