On the radio ♪

Suite et fin des diffusions radio de mes chansons ce soir !
Il y a 15 jours, c’était « Soft Pebbles », mardi dernier « Lipstick on my cheek«  et ce soir il s’agit de « Little Angels« , écrite pour ma fille Mina.
Ce sera sur 98 FM ce soir (Ile de France FM) et écoutable sur le net aussi.
Merci encore à Hervé Bommel qui réalise « l’Emission éclectique » !

« Little Angels » – de calirezo & ddooo

Calirezo : lyrics (paroles) – vocals (voix)
ddooo : music (musique) – guitars (guitares) – backing vocals (choeurs)

Extrait de l’émission de la soirée du 31 mars 2009 :

Paroles de « Little Angels » :


Little angels lived on the ground
They had big smiles on their faces
And laughed all the time even in the dark
And laughed all the time even if it was cold

Little angels were lost among humans
They had big smiles in their eyes
And laughed all the time even if they were weeping
And laughed all the time even if they were bleeding

It’s no laughing matter
My sweet little angel lives next to me
Tries to take me up
on the verge of tears
Don’t want to give up

Little angels thought they’d be helpful
But one day, they shut their lips
And pulled a long face even in the light
And pulled a long face even under the sun

Little angels disappeared one day
Their sad smiles vanishing last
Washed with tears under the rain
Drowned in the deep night

It’s no laughing matter
I lost my dear angel (dear, dear angel)
I’ll deal with this loss later
But my life will never be
Never be the same


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