• What art supplies do you use to paint?
I mostly work on linen canvases stretched on frames. I use acrylic for the background and oil for the shapes. For small sizes, I also play around with paper, cardboard, board or ceramics. I buy my supplies in the artists' shop "Marin" (Paris, France). I also make some of my tools and brushes.

• How much do you sell your paintings?
The price depends on the size and the medium. Feel free to send me an email if you want more details!


• What supplies do you use for your calligraphies?
I draw with Chinese ink and calligraphy brushes on paper or various sketchbooks.

• Are the calligraphies Chinese characters?
Although they are inspired by asian ideograms (that are chinese, japanese, koreans, tibetans…), my calligraphies are asemic.

• Do you make your sketchbooks yourself?
I buy bound paper blocks to which I add covers.

• How much time does it take you to fill a sketchbook?
It depends on its thickness and how inspired I am, I would say between 1 and 5 months.

• Do you sell your sketchbooks?
Not for now: those are research notebooks that gather my inspirations and are the foundations of my work.

The Studio

• Can we come and visit your Studio?
With pleasure, I meet with clients regularly! The Studio is located near Paris (13th district), 10 minutes walk away from the subway. If you wish to make an appointment, send me an email.

Photos: Franck Desplanques