Du lipstick à la radio ♪
Suite des diffusions radio de mes chansons ce soir !
Mardi dernier, c'était "Soft Pebbles", cette fois-ci il s'agira de "Lipstick on my cheek", écrite pour ma grand-mère l'année dernière. Pour cette chanson, j'ai travaillé avec Marc Houri.
Ce sera sur 98 FM ce soir (Ile de France FM), rediffusé samedi matin entre 7h et 9h et écoutable sur le net aussi. Merci à Hervé Bommel qui réalise "l'Emission éclectique" !

"Lipstick on my cheek" - de calirezo & Marc Houri

calirezo : lyrics (paroles) - vocals (voix)
Marc Houri : music (musique) - guitars (guitares)

Extrait de l'émission de la soirée du 23 mars 2009 :

Paroles pour "LIPSTICK ON MY CHEEK" :

Did you sleep last night ?
Give me your coat, she said
Did you eat something ?
Night is so long on the road...

Then I folded her in my arms,
a lump in my throat
I gripped her close to me
deeply moved, violently lost

Did you drive too long ?
Never seen dark rings
Under your blue eyes before
Please take a seat my dear...

Then I folded her in my arms
too many tears in my eyes
I held her very close to me
and kissed her on the cheek ... softly

Did you put lipstick on my face ?
She asked with lost eyes
I can't go out with a stain on my cheek...
Did you hear the church bells ?

They put flowers everywhere, my dear
they sent letters everyday, my child
Don't you think winter is early this year ?
Do you think he feels the cold on his grave ?

Then I folded her in my arms
a broken heart on my chest
a broken soul next to mine

Did you put lipstick on my cheek ?
She asked