“Lipstick on my cheek” – de Calirezo & Marc Houri

Calirezo : lyrics (paroles) – vocals (voix)
Marc Houri : music (musique) – guitar (guitare)

J’ai écrit cette chanson pour ma grand-mère, à la fin de l’été dernier…


Did you sleep last night ?
Give me your coat, she said
Did you eat something ?
Night is so long on the road…

Then I folded her in my arms,
a lump in my throat
I gripped her close to me
deeply moved, violently lost

Did you drive too long ?
Never seen dark rings
Under your blue eyes before
Please take a seat my dear…

Then I folded her in my arms
too many tears in my eyes
I held her very close to me
and kissed her on the cheek … softly

Did you put lipstick on my face ?
She asked with lost eyes
I can’t go out with a stain on my cheek…
Did you hear the church bells ?

They put flowers everywhere, my dear
they sent letters everyday, my child
Don’t you think winter is early this year ?
Do you think he feels the cold on his grave ?

Then I folded her in my arms
a broken heart on my chest
a broken soul next to mine

Did you put lipstick on my cheek ?
She asked

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