Liberative constraints

Liberative constraints

February 17, 2022
Version en français disponible ici.

I've been making daily collages for many years, but sometimes I'm struggling to find inspiration; or they get redundant. To refuel my imagination, nothing is better than randomness!

With this in mind, Mina and I invented and designed a voluntary artistic constraints generator: « Liberative Constraints ». Not only do virtual idea-bringing dices run forever, but they can also « magically » have more than 6 sides (:

For more details on how the generator was made, check out the article on Mina's blog!

To kickstart a creative project, turn on a down brain, boost a too-traditional vision, all you have to do is throw the « Liberative Constraints » dices!

« Liberative Constraints » gives you a set of 4 cubes that you can re-roll endlessly and that offer a medium, a tool, a colour and a technique.

It is available in English and in French over here:



The suggested tools and mediums are easy to find and they are not dangerous (no school compass or sulfuric acid) so that you can use « Liberative Constraints » with kids. For parents held at home with (slightly) covid-ill offspring, « Liberative Constraints » can save your day! For teachers, « Liberative Constraints » can be a nice little bonus tool.

To improve your art culture (which is not a dirty word!), you will find next to each new word one or several links that tells you about a painter, a creation, an art anecdote or a pictorial movement. A little extra to spark your creativity once again and give overwhelmed adults a helping hand when faced with a bunch of wild covid-exposed children.

In 2022, I started using « Liberative Constraints » for my daily collages. Here are some examples:

01 : Scissors / Tracing paper / Yellow-Orange-Red / Collage

02 : Fingers / Magazine / Blues / Un-gluing, Ripping

03 : String / Sticker / Pink / Cutting

04 : Tape / Instructing Manuel / Gold / Typography

05 : Staple / Leaf / Cool colours / Assemble

06 : Stickers / Corrugated board / White-Beige / Cut

You can use, share and talk about « Liberative Constraints » with anyone (as long as you not making money with, cause it wouldn’t be very cool).